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Chase Bratton

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Collaborative Shopping

I designed a collaboration shopping experience for Marketplace & Commerce and Saved (item collections). This contextual shopping experience allows buyers to easily and privately shop with friends or family over time.

Adding friends to shop with in a shared collection on Facebook Marketplace

When I joined Facebook Marketplace, there was a heavy emphasis on the “top-of-the -unnel” features like the primary commerce feed, product detail pages, and growth notifications. All necessary parts of the shopping journey, but a critical phase that was missing from the product was “consideration”.  We saw an opportunity to help people keep track of items they’re considering. This need is especially for the real estate category where the vast majority shop with two or more others.

To address this, I collaborated with designers on Facebook Marketplace and the Saved team to rethink how we can evolve the existing concept of saving things on Facebook for commerce. How would we handle privacy? What if someone is only shopping with someone else for a short time period? How do we communicate when your saving an item for sale to collection shared with others? I addressed these questions by designing, prototyping, testing in research prior to shipping to ensure privacy was top of mind.

Managing private and shared commerce collections