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Chase Bratton —

A professional software product designer somewhere near Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA. A generalist with a flex towards craft, prototyping, design systems and generative work.


Collaborative Shopping

A contextual shopping experience for Facebook Marketplace & Commerce that allows buyers to easily and privately shop with friends or family over time.

Lead designer for Marketplace & Commerce Collaborative Shopping and Saved (item collections).

People Problem
Home seekers didn’t have an easy way to privately shop together for a home.

The process of sharing home listings and making a decision on a property wasn’t easy on Facebook since the collaboration tools were lacking. The original Save to a “collection” Facebook feature was optimized for private saves (like a reading list). This required some rethinking of how to save and communicate about a thing on Facebook without deviating from an existing mental model for saving interations.

User Research
In interviews with people seeking a home with others, there were 2 primary needs that emerged:

  1. Properties are gone fast– there was a perception amongst shoppers that all homes of interest will be rented/sold quickly. So making a decision about a home quickly and easily was critical to their search.
  2. Keeping track of homes is tedious– many people had a manual process involving spreadsheets and email/text threads to organize homes and take note with roommates. The lack of automation during the collaboration makes it hard to shop together over what is on average a 30 to 90 day journey.